Cuban Chain Bracelet


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Introducing the “Cuban Chain Bracelet” – a bold and versatile accessory that exudes an air of confident style and timeless elegance. This bracelet is a classic reinvented, designed to adorn your wrist with its distinct Cuban link design, capturing attention and commanding admiration wherever you go.

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JYBR03gold color, YS32860D0W0, YS32861D0W0, YS33299D0W0, YS33317D0W0, YS32839D0W0, YS32840D0W0, YS25112D0W0, YS32821D0W0, YS32822D0W0, 4mm-19cm, 6MM-16.5cm, 6MM-18cm, 6MM-19cm, 8MM-16.5cm, 8MM-18cm, 8MM-19cm, 2mm-16.5cm, 2mm-18cm, 2mm-19cm, 4mm-19cm 1, YS35091D0W0, YS25114D0W0, YS15688D0W0, YS15689D0W0, YS15690D0W0


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